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So you want to be an EmaiLab Mad Scientist?You'll be able to turn even trickles of traffic into profitable email marketing businesses.You'll be making loads of sales even if you have just a microscopic email list.And of course, you'll have the best subscribers who listen to you even when you tell stupid jokes. ;)But it won't be a smooth ride. Prepare to walk in circles in anxio [...]

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How To Create WordPress Landing Pages (w/ Free Tools)

One page, one goal... That's the rule of thumb you want to keep in mind if you want your visitors to do something... like subscribe to your email list.To create these "one goal" -type of pages (ie. landing pages), you need to have a page with no distractions... That means NO sidebar, NO comments, NO navigation menu etc.Unfortunately, WordPress doesn't have an "easy button" that [...]

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39 Ways To Increase Open Rates

Imagine this - yesterday you sent an email to your subscribers about this amazing new thing..!Now you can't wait to see the response to that email - your followers must have loved it!But no...You take a look at the stats...And you think to yourself - "the open rate should've been better..."Have you ever felt this way?Or if you simply want to boost your results with email market [...]

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Who Is Behind EmaiLab?

Mitro "The Marketing Nerd"

Hi, My name is Mitro.

I'm a marketing nerd from Finland. I got into online marketing in 2007. After some highs and lows in the world of SEO and review sites, I began building an email list. Turns out, it's not as easy as putting a squeeze page out there, getting some traffic and sending promos to your subscribers...

My background in social sciences and web development allowed me to create a better email marketing system that generates value for the marketer and for her audience. Thanks to this system, my business is growing too. Join the EmaiLab Newsletter and I can show you how you can do the same: